Hotel Fazenda Villa-Forte lies at the base of Serra da Mantiqueira, in the flanks of the Itatiaia massif, of magnificent splendor. Aside from being a privileged spectator of such a majestic scenery, one of its remarkable features is its convenient location. Halfway between Rio de Janeiro (170 km) and São Paulo (230 km) and 400 km far from Belo Horizonte, less than a five minutes drive from Presidente Dutra Highway, Villa-Forte is a natural departure point for a visit to Itatiaia National Park, one of the most beautiful preservation areas of the country. You can also explore the mountains and get to the Agulhas Negras Peak (Black Needles, 2,787 meters high.) Other places of interest such as São Lourenço and Caxambu (MG,) Penedo and Visconde de Mauá (RJ) are quite near and worth a visit. You shouldn't miss the lake formed by the waters of the Paraíba River and the Funil Dam.

Villa-Forte comprises no less than 8 million square meters of soft hills, meadowland crisscrossed by unpaved roads, trails and pathways inviting you for pleasant walks and breathtaking views. 



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You can choose strolling among the trees of a native forest (Mata Atlântica remnants), eating some jabuticabas (a small juicy and sweet local fruit) in the orchard, or walking through an eucalyptus plantation. At the spur of the moment, you can splash in a creek and stop by the vegetable garden just to pull a carrot from the ground. You can horseback ride after having had some fresh milk at the corral. Go fishing, if you feel like it. Children are delighted to feed the chicken, the ducks, the geese and the rabbits. Another favorite is visiting the pigsty and watching the big fat hogs and the pinkish suckling piglets in their neverending meals. Enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets and, after dark, see the unbelievable stars.

Villa-Forte is family oriented and encourages parents and children to participate in activities together. The staff is available to help families enjoy our recreational opportunities. Our effort is to help create a shared experience for the entire family.




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