Once a coffee farm, Villa-Forte was converted into a Hotel Fazenda (guest ranch) in 1918. Originally built in 1792 in a classic colonial style, the Manor House went through minor modification and refurbishing and has been carefully preserved. Nestled in a scenic landscape, it is now the very heart of the hotel. Its beauty and elegance often surprise and deeply impress newcomers the minute they get there. Other buildings such as the former "senzala" (slave quarters), entirely renewed to meet the needs of our guests, the sugar mill, the patio for drying coffee beans and the old train station evoke its historical past. This special feeling of nostalgia, the beauty of the place and the shared experiences with family and friends helped to foster my love for Villa-Forte. We hope it touches your heart as well.       

Villa-Forte is a sanctuary where friends and relatives gather to strengthen the bonds of caring relationships.



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